Fore! RipeOrange Produces ESPNLA Golf Classic

Posted on: June 25th, 2013


It was a beautiful day at the Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach as the RipeOrange team produced a successful charity golf tournament for ESPNLA.  The ESPNLA Golf Classic presented by So Cal Acura Dealers Association benefited the V Foundation, to support cancer research, which raised $10,000! The first-year event was so popular that it sold out in less than ONE week!  Players included everyone from athletes to ESPNLA radio personalities and southern California golfers.


In preparation for the event, the RipeOrange team designed the website and print ads that were featured in both the Southland Golf and OC Register Metro magazines.  Event production for this golf tournament included registration management, day-of coordination, and cocktail reception setup. The team was lucky to enjoy some fun in the sun interacting with the golfers as we delivered them their lunch sponsored by Slaters 50/50.  We are definitely excited to see what next year has in store!

RipeOrange Goes Green!

Posted on: June 12th, 2013

“Go green” and “reduce your carbon footprint” are two commonly heard buzz-phrases in this day and age. For years, the team at OC REGISTER METRO has recognized the impact Orange County has in the green movement and decided to not only write about it but also recognize the individuals and highlight their specific achievements.


The noteworthy efforts made by 11 Orange County-based companies are truly something to be celebrated – and celebrate we did! On April 10, RipeOrange produced OC REGISTER METRO’s event, hosting nearly 200 people at the 4th annual “Green Team” event in Hangar 244 at the Orange County Great Park.

The event carried on the tradition that started more than 4 years ago, by applauding several Orange County businesses who are making a difference not only on a local level, but a global one too. The honorees included companies and individuals who are making significant strides to be environmentally conscious and economically sound.

10,000 Attend OC Register Family Camp Fair

Posted on: April 11th, 2013

Camp Fair Photo

Spring has sprung – which means summer is right around the corner. To ensure kids and families alike are prepared for their upcoming summer vacation, OC Family hosted the 4th annual Summer Camp & Activities Fair at the Irvine Spectrum in the Giant Wheel Court on March 23, 2013. Nearly 10,000 attendees enjoyed an interactive, family-friendly afternoon as they hopped from exhibitor to exhibitor learning all about the great, enriching, and fun ways their children can spend their summer.

Families also enjoyed live entertainment from the main stage, glitter tattoo and balloon artists, contests, goodie bags, and more!

Missed the Camp Fair? Don’t worry! Get the full list of exhibitors here.

RipeOrange Inspires at 1st OC METRO Women to Watch Event

Posted on: March 26th, 2013

20 Women to Watch
On March 8, 2013, OC METRO hosted their annual “20 Women to Watch” luncheon at the Center Club in Costa Mesa with more than 200 women in attendence. This invitation-only event honored 20 inspiring women in Orange County – women who are interesting and accomplished leaders in business, arts, academic, non-profit, and public service communities.

In addition to recognizing and celebrating these 20 women, the luncheon also featured a panel discussion, which focused on the characteristics of forward-thinking leaders.

A big thanks to all attendees and the sponsors that made this event possible: Wells Fargo, Audi Mission Viejo, Disneyland Resort, Lion’s Heart, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and UC Irvine Claire Trevor School Of The Arts.

RipeOrange Produces 23rd Annual OC METRO Hot 25

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013


RipeOrange successfully produced OC METRO magazine’s 23rd Annual Hot 25 event this past November. The event was filled with nearly 600 business professionals and top executives as the debut event at the Island Hotel Newport Beach’s newly renovated Grand Ballroom. Honorees were celebrated for shaping Orange County business, media, technology, healthcare, design & manufacturing, automotive, tourism & entertainment and transportation.

Social Media Table Tent

To make this event come to life in a new and fresh way, we connected with a digital social media signage company to create an interactive Twitter wall. Honorees, guests and Twitter users followed along to congratulate honorees and learn fun facts about each person named a Hot 25.

Get an inside look at the event and learn more about this year’s Hot 25 honorees by visiting

The Sili Company Selects RipeOrange

Posted on: October 16th, 2012

RipeOrange is thrilled to announce our new client The Sili Company! The Sili Company is popularly known for their innovative product, the Sili Squeeze, which allows small children to easily feed themselves with a squeeze bottle!

Our team will provide full-service marketing consultation to launch this product line at a National level. Read more about their innovative product here!

5 Facebook Posting Pet Peeves

Posted on: October 16th, 2012

Aside from the typical grammar pet peeves, like the proper use of “their, there and they’re,” I have a few peevable moments for Facebook including the most preferable ways to post as a brand page. Rather than a rant, this list of top five should be viewed as quick tips to make the most pristine postings!

1. Tag tag tag! If you have a company that you are working with, tag them! This posts it to their page and notifies the other company to show you have mentioned them. It helps to encourage further interaction and promotion of your event or your partnership with their company. Warning: A maximum of 6 pages may be tagged in one post.

2. When you are adding a hyperlink, copy and paste it into the status field. Wait a second for it to load with the photo and description of the link. Then delete that ugly long hyperlink. The link will stay there and you are free to comment on it! Then click post!

3. If you are posting from a personal account and mentioning a company, make sure the post is “public.” This enables the post to appear on the other company’s wall. Otherwise it will simply be a link that is only visible to your friends. The drop down for each post’s privacy settings is to the left of the post button.

4. If something monumental happens to your company, make it a “Milestone.” This is the purpose of the new timeline format. It gives the posting more attention in your feed. You can post old milestones and add photos to show your company history.

5. Photos are SUPER important now more than ever. They appear large and are more likely to have interactions. As many times as you can, post photos along with your status update because they tell a better story than just a text update (and you wonder why Instagram and Pinterest are exploding socially!)

As always, tweet me @ChelseaVanArnam

5 Ways Social Media Can Supercharge Your Next Event

Posted on: October 16th, 2012

Spring is here and it is officially event season! If you’re the event planner like me then you’re up to your ears in checklists and timelines right? But have you thought to make a timeline and strategy for your social media plan? It’s easy to say “Oh ya we’re tweeting and telling our fans about the event,” but it takes another degree of planning to really make your event social. RipeOrangejust wrapped up the OC Family Summer Camp & Activities Fair at the Irvine Spectrum and I wanted to share a few fun tips we learned after this event!

1. First make the plan

Start with your pre-event promotion and break out your specific action items by date. The farther away, the more vague your promotion descriptions may be. However the week leading up to the event, make sure you have a plan for each day with a mixture of postings and types of promotions. All of your planning surrounding the event will be kicked into high gear, so the less thinking you have to do socially will help you out big time! Copying and pasting pre-written posts will save you! Mix up your promotion with general information postings. Use Twitter hashtag promotion, giveaways if applicable, photos of your event planning process, sneak peeks of swag bags, and sponsor promotion with tags to their Facebook pages or mentions in Tweets.

2. Find your best Tweeter

Designate a social media manager for the day of the event. They will be responsible for posting images, checking in, tweeting and encouraging others to do the same. Share the plan with this person so they understand the greater picture. Ours was Suzanne Broughton pictured above!

3. Create a Tweet Cheat Sheet (try saying that 5 times fast)

Spend 10 minutes prior to the event researching (and following) Twitter handles for your sponsors, exhibitors, and other key players in your event. Then keep it in your back pocket on the day of the event to make sure you are connecting with each person or company via Twitter.

4. Be Check-In Specific

Create a foursquare check-in that is event specific. If you’re having your event at the Irvine Spectrum like we did, use the Irvine Spectrum’s address, but make a check in that says “OC Family Camp Fair” to promote the event the day of. You can’t have your guests just checking in to the Irvine Spectrum, right?!

5. Promote yourself

One of my favorite ideas that came from this year’s Camp Fair is to create a large foam core board or banner with your social media names/urls. This not only reminds your guests to get on social media at your event, but also become friends with you and tweet you, post a picture on your Facebook wall, follow you on Pinterest, check-in to the event on Foursquare.

Have you used any of these ideas before? Let me know@ChelseaVanArnam.

Twitter Wall 101

Posted on: October 16th, 2012

Twitter walls are the hottest new trend at mixers, conferences and events. They bring the proper degree of social media to a room and make your event current and up-to-speed with social event trends. By using an event “hashtag” to track the conversation, a Twitter Wall creates a real-time, constant stream of tweets mentioning your event.

Why Twitter Walls Rock!

1. They remind your audience to use social media at the event and create a conversation with others in the room.
2. They encourage networking, discussion of the latest happenings at the event, and provide entertainment for those who may be attending but don’t tweet.
3. They also act as promotion for your company or event by turning your event guests into brand ambassadors to their social networks.

How To Make it Happen!

You will need a projector, a projector screen, a laptop or tablet device, a Twitter Wall feed generator like the ones listed below and great internet/wireless service in the event room/space.
Paratweet is a hashtag feed service I used this at OC METRO’s HOT 25 Event and we found it very helpful for screening tweets and maintaining a constant stream of tweets that can cycle through and continuously feed.

*Can be added into a custom presentation
*Free trial option and or paid option with minimal fees
*Opportunity to moderate from one computer or not moderate at all
Another website used to generate Twitter Walls, ideal for a large conference or events with a large budget and have a strong value on a Twitter Wall.

*A pay-to-play site with advanced capabilities
*Opportunity to have a presentation alongside your tweets
*Moderating tools to display only tweets you choose


Choose one of the above-mentioned sites. The dangers of not being able to screen tweets that appear on your Twitter wall can be disastrous.

Check the Wireless Service
Check on the wireless service beforehand to make sure it will be strong enough. If you are in a large cavernous ballroom deep within a hotel or something of that nature, check out a company like who offers a service called Live-Fi that provides WiFi service for large events. Their event capabilities also go beyond just expanding WiFi and can be really helpful to further develop social networking through digital platforms at your event.

Have you used a Twitter Wall at your event? Let me know your thoughts on how it worked for you! Chat with me on Twitter (@ChelseaVanArnam).

5 Tips to Branding on Pinterest

Posted on: October 16th, 2012

So you know you need to use Pinterest, but how do you get the most out of it? Here are my 5 quick tips to Pinterest for your brand be it personal branding or company branding.

After you’ve created your profile along with a couple boards creatively named, make sure to add the “pin it” button to your bookmark toolbar to allow you to easily pin images from the web. This can be found under the About tab as “Pin It Button” and you’re ready to go!

1. Create valuable, SEO-driving descriptions.

Pinterest just last week put a 500-character limit on image captions. This tells us they value keeping your pin’s description succinct while using keywords that will allow the search function to find your specific pin.

-     Similar to Twitter, use #hashtags to flag certain keywords

-     Use the ‘@YourFriendsName’ similar to Facebook and Twitter to mention someone in a Pin’s description. This alerts the person you mentioned them and drives them to your pin.

-     If you are an online retailer, add the price to the description using the ‘$’. This will automatically categorize it in the gifts section.

*Notice how we’ve used each option in the pin’s description below…

2. Pin content steadily.

This keeps your name constantly in a followers feed and helps them remember you.  It is perfectly acceptable to pin multiple images in a manner of minutes whereas if you did this on Twitter or Facebook you may have people who stop following you. Maintain a mixture of pinning your own found content along with “repins” (a visual version of a Twitter retweet if you will) with “likes” that resemble the likes of Facebook. When you are pinning new content, make sure you are pinning from the original source to give the proper person credit. For example if you find an image you like on Google, make sure to click through to the original site to pin the image.

3. Use visually interesting images on your website and blog.

Intermix pins from your own company’s website that are visually interesting. Keep in mind the 80/20 balance of self-promotion so that your Pinterest does not come across as spam. Create your own using collages and watermark them so that the credit (and site traffic) go back to you. Bright colors or a picture with a detail that a person wants to see larger will cause them to click on the image and potentially click through to your website from Pinterest.  For fun, you can check out who has already pinned from your website by visiting Hint: You may want to start following those who pinned you (aka your fans).

4. Integrate Pinterest with your social media platforms.

On Facebook, show images of your favorite pins to your fans. Provide an easy mixture of links, fun status updates and your favorite pins. Make a custom Facebook tab for Pinterest (see ours below!). I found a blog post that cleverly integrates Pinterest using a pin icon as a tab. Here you can showcase your entire Pinterest profile or one specific board and all you need is the hyperlink! You can currently link your Pinterest to your personal page, but not yet to a brand page. This is something that may come in the near future but has not yet happened. On Pinterest, link to your Twitter page and tweet a favorite pin while you are pinning it. Post the link to your Pinterest page and let your followers know that you are on Pinterest and want to follow them!

5. Include a Pinterest “who to follow” spotlight in your e-marketing.

OC METRO has started doing a “who to follow” and favorite posts for Facebook and Twitter in the print magazine. This makes the individuals and companies feel special which in turn makes them promote OC METRO through their own channels. OC Family is also on Pinterest and I’m fairly certain a Pinterest “who to follow” and “best pins” page is not far behind! You can easily add this section to a sidebar of your e-newsletter that shows you are being social and promoting others, not just your brand.

Check out RipeOrange (Marketing, Design, Events) to see how we’re implementing Pinterest! Chat with me on Twitter (@ChelseaVanArnam).


Help Me Grow Orange County

"RipeOrange conducted a premiere, countywide marketing and public relations campaign for Help Me Grow Orange County. The creative they produced was superb, culturally sensitive and well place in each media channel. Help Me Grow definitely received a return on investment as it raised our awareness in the community and increased calls and traffic to our website. I recommend RipeOrange to anyone wanting to reach their target audience in Orange County."

- Rebecca Hernandez
Program Manager
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